A small inn floating in the Seto Inland Sea.
That is the concept of guntû.
Guntû as an “inn” was conceived to pass time upon the sea while enjoying the nature and culture of Setouchi.
Please let yourself blend into the gentle scenery of Setouchi and relax in this space resembling a Japanese inn - ryokan.

Popular route

2 nights 3 days / anchor offshore at Miyajima, Omishima Island
A route to experience the romance of history.
Visit one of the Japanese World Cultural Heritage sites, Itsukushima Shrine, while exploring the old streets of Miyajima Island. Guntû passes through narrow island channels, which served as the base of the pirate Murakami who cultivated Japanese ship piloting.
* Please note that this is one of the model routes. Changes may occur depending on the weather, the wave and the tide.

Tour/Price List

  • For your booking please email or call to guntu Desk.
    You can download our Brochure and Price List from here.
Departure Date
Course & Price
[Eastward route] 2 nights / anchor offshore at Kitagishima, Tomonoura
450,000 yen 〜 950,000 yen
Price List PDF
  • Please note that this rate is a price per person for a cabin when shared by two persons. (※TAX included)
  • Depanding on the cabin type the price is different, please check the details on the Price List.

For your booking

  • Please email or call to guntû Desk.

The Application Process from your booking until departure

For your booking please email or call to guntû Desk.
Opening time
10:00~18:00 (Japan time)
*Except Sundays, Public holidays and New year Holiday
Application Documents

The following documents are required.
Application Form / Pre-check in questionnaire
Photocopy of your Passport
Please note that passengers under the age of 15 are not allowed to go on a cruise.

Payment for a deposit

Please pay a deposit (50% of the tour fee) by Wire transfer or Credit card payment based on an invoice.

Your travel Plan

Please let us know your travel plan before and after guntu trip in order to arrange a pick-up service.

Payment for a final Payment

Please pay a final payment by Wire transfer or Credit card payment based on the invoice.

Minimum 14 persons

This tour will be confirmed by minimum 14 persons.
We will let you know it 30 days before the departure date.

Final Confirmation of your trip

We will email you a boarding pass, an Itinerary and a tour guidebook.
Until then please confirm your travel details.

The departure day

Please come to Bella Vista Marina where guntû will go on a cruise.
Please note that we will pick- up you at Hiroshima Airport or Fukuyama Station.
Luggage on guntû should be weighting maximum 30 kg and measuring less than 200 centimeters when adding up width, height and depth per person.

Additional Arrengement

Bella Vista provides superb elements that can only be enjoyed at this location, rooted in the region's food, industries and culture, such as local ingredients from the sea and the mountains of Hiroshima and the Inland Sea.
All rooms offer prime Ocean views as well.
Shinshoji Zen Temple
Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens is a place for visitors to experience the spirit of Zen through a variety of activities, like tasting a bowl of tea, appreciating a piece of Zen calligraphy, eating a Zen meal that nurtures the body and soul, taking a bath to cleanse the mind and body, and strolling in the extensive gardens.